Part 1: My Liposuction Journey

Liposuction in 2015 I did my first liposuction at the age of 20. I am standing at 1.55 meter and weigh 42kg. When I told my friends I had the thought of doing liposuction, no one could never understand why. I was never fat to begin with. No one ever call me fat before. But it was me who was insecure. Although I was not fat, I was definitely not lean either. I never dared to wear high waist shorts as it amplified how huge my thighs were.    See, I told you guys I was not fat-fat at all. My BMI was only 18.5. But notice the upper thighs? The fats between my inner thighs would rub against it whenever I walk. It was really annoying. I did not enjoy wearing skinny jeans as it would make my thigh look chunky! I tried many ways to get rid of it. I went to gym, went to yoga, ate clean in school. But none of these worked for me. I researched on how to lose body fats everyday until I came across this forum where everyone was discussing about liposuction. I followed the thread and noti